And it might be added that in skin and nerve clinics are also the best places to study hysteria, for among the veritable stigmatd of hysteria are the slighter and the transient pallors and congestions; effects the more severe neuro-vascular changes resulting in sero-sanguineous cutaneous effusions, so well noted' by S.

Gaubius first brought them into reputation, and gave to the metal the name of cadmia; and according to his statement they worked wonders in all clonic affictions whatever, chorea, hooping cough, hysteria, convulsion, and epilepsy; on which account they w ere afterwards employed upon with a still larger and more poj)ular scale by the fixaTa.

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The subject's interest to the general practitioner centres around these points: First, glaucoma in its different forms closely resembles other ills of every-day occurrence; Second, atropine, which is unfortunately looked upon as a panacea in eye troubles by some men, is decidedly contraindicated where there is even a value suspicion of its presence or a tendency in that direction.