This operation was at once performed by the circular method, the limb being removed about the consultation middle third of the arm, above the seat of the injury, and in apparently uninjured tissue. For a purgative dose there w;ll be given ophthalmic every half hour from three to six grains, until the patient has taken eighteen. On qo account should a janitor Leave the school building during school hours; to he should be a sentinel, to notice and reporl an mil break of fire in the school. Precio - those which are generally understood, or which cannot oe mistaken. It would appear that these particular outbreaks were only a part of what, so far as regards tropical and subtropical countries, was a vast pandemic wave; for in that and the following for years we hear of a disease, apparently the same, in places so far the western hemisphere in the Southern States of the Union, in Mexico, in the West India Islands, and in the north of South America.

Order - read the editor's report in this number and decide on your course for The passing of Florence Nightingale since our last issue marks an event of world-wide interest. In con junction witli other conservative methods, Bier's treatment of inducing hyperemia by bandaging is of undoubted value 5ml and may be employed with greal benefit in many cases.


But why one cell becomes nerve and another muscle, why one selects bile and another fat, we in can no more pretend to tell, than why one grape sucks out of the soil the generous juice which princes hoard in their cellars, and another the wine which it takes three men to drink, one to pour it down, another to swallow it, and a third to hold him while it is going down. Such were the first Iruits of the establishment of among" the Mussulman princes, and religious fervor gave place to policy; so that the later buy Arabian caliphs showed tliemselves, in general, the protectors of the arts and sciences.

Pare was most fond of recalling his hospital experience; he counted it among the highest honors of his life that he should have enjoyed what he there did enjoy, and gives us to suppose that he online was a favorite upon wliom peculiar favors were conferred. It is, as A fifth edition latisse of the Formula book of phj'sicians who use the preparations of that enterprising house. Whatever might debilitate or usa exhaust should be avoided. It is evident that, in the absence of artificially produced pure cultures of amoeba, such experiments must have been undertaken with impure (that is, "ml" mixed) cultures; in other words, with material such as dysenteric stools or the contents of hepatic abscesses. Away out in the country districts, driving for miles and miles, in daylight and darkness, in good weather and in bad, where snatching sleep as best he can, without holidays, without a break, without a minute of life to call his own, works another of our ideals, looked up to by all the countryside as a guardian angel in time of danger. That on the left tide was removed in twelve solution hours, while that on the right remained twenty-four Porty-eight hours after the operation the sutures were removed, the wound having united. .In addition to its acknowledged strong eliminative powers, it possesses physiological properties similar to those of other potassium salts; yet its action "no" on the nervous system and upon the circulation are so far diverse as to give to it some entirely different therapeutic properties. Prom the standpoint of a city policeman he is one shade darker than a cod Nihilist, while from that of a little girl but home well, yon gentlemen who came here with mortgaged affections, know what he is to her.

I have described the operation in extenso in connection with the first case, not only to make my report more complete, but to bring pro minently forward the great advantage in this operation gained by the employment of sewing-machine needles, which, I understand wore first suggested in this connection by a medical india gentleman at present practising in Montreal.