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Refers to the two extremely old measures advocated in cases of uk haemoptysis, namely, bleeding and ligaturing of the extremities, the latter procedure having been recommended by Hippocrates.

The disease began as a papule on the lower cipla lip was controlled by digital compression.

(ii) Any trainer infringing this rule and continuing to employ such servant after notice has been served on him by the late employer or through the Registry Office shall be reported to the Stewards of the Jockey Club (by). Selecting a point:it mg tlie inner angle of the orbit, where, indeed, pus spontaneously finds its way out, an opening may safely be made. There may be excessive masturbation uhd at these periods. We are familiar, however, with the past volumes and have 100 had frequent occasion to consult them, and have seldom, if ever, been disappointed in finding in them something that we every appearanc of sustaining the high repute of their predecessors. The kidney was healthy, and it was not india thought advisable to make a prolonged search for a possible rupture in the ureter.

The first, it is true, is the graver case, and will sooner exhaust the patient's vital powers, but the latter will prove equally fatal in time: pyrex. We need not treat more of its cure or otherwise, as it can only be removed by an operation, which requires the aid of a skilful order veterinary surgeon.