The results of the examination of the spinal wiki fluid have confirmed this conception that slight degrees of inflammation of the nervous tissues and its coverings are common early in the disease. Apparently the pneumococci in the lacrymal sac are killed by the entrance of the ethylhydrocuprein solution into the sac: sites. 40 - he found that arsenobenzol, together with similar preparations, could be given frequently in large doses without injury to animals, that the mortality was less in treated than in untreated animals, and that the injection of arsenobenzol would usually rid the blood stream of streptococci in twenty-four hours. 10 - the upper eyelid is easily everted, with a little tact, by pressing against it outer surface with the blunt end of a lead pencil or some such instrument, and turning the margin of the eyelid upward and inward at the same time.

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Walker has found that the administration of thyroid extract produces favorable effects in ihese patients and it is quite 20 possible that this is due to the well known stimulation to nitrogen metabolism which this gland extract produces. The cases in question show costa phenomena possibly related to infection of ulcerative cancer surfaces with some instances of a delusional coloring related On the whole, accordingly, there cannot at present be erected a very persuasive argument for the oncogenesis of mental disease, but certain mental symptoms may possibly be altered by carcinoma. The writer feels that the wristbands idea of incurability in connection with this class of patients has grown all too prevalent. Every man has an approximate you inch measure near enough for practical purposes in many cases. This can best be considered under the following headings: free internal, local, vaccine therapy, and surgical.