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If there is too much comminution to permit the use of plates, it is preferable to suspend the forearm by a Kirschner wire passed 100 through the base of the metacarpals of the hand or through the distal end of the radius and ulna.

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Op'ticus, optic disc, the point of entrance of the optic nerve through the Fowler, Ptan, Rose, Simon, Sims, Trendelenburg, ally, in obstetrics, the relation of the presenting part of the fetus to the maternal structures; see cuts under presentation, anatom'ical p., the erect position of the body with the arms at the side and supinated, the palms of the hands looking forward; the terms posterior, anterior, lateral, medial, etc., are applied to the parts as they stand related to each other and to the axis of the body when in this position, dorsal p., dorsal recum'bent p., a position assumed for rectal or vaginal examination, or during parturition, the patient lying on the back with hips and knees woman, lying on the left side with right hip and on the knees and upper part of the chest, assumed for gynecological or rectal examination, kneeelbow p., gcnucubital p., a prone position resting on the knees and elbows, assumed for rectal or vaginal examination or operation; see cut under boys in playing leapfrog, assumed for a rectal patient lying on the back with buttocks at the end of the operating table, the hips and knees being fully flexed with feet strapped in position, obstefric p., the p (price). The Home Office stated that they considered employers had had sufficient time to get the necessary apparatus, and all those who showed indifference to the health of their workmen would be Princess Christian's Hospital Train, the order for which "half" was placed on January, has been completed, inspected, and packed for transport to South Africa.

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