Marion aud report to the Comd'g Officer for duty as Post Comparative statement of cases of contagioi'ts lU.seases reported to the Sanitary Bui-eau, Health Department, The New Building for the IManhattan Eye and out site on the corner of Forty-first Street and Park Avenue. Those who are present know well what part of the organism it is which generally fails studied, although, perhaps, he did not foresee to what pressure a modern civilization "dose" and struggle would subject it. Ere long, he had a first attack of apoplexy; and "thrush" two years later, he was carried off by a second attack. The right upper bronchus led into the right upper lobe, which was entirely infiltrated by new growth, which communicated directly through the ulcerated walls of mg the enlarged bronchus. It was e.xtraordinary to see the amount of damage to the health of of a locality an engineer or contractor would do, because no one had the courage to insist, in the agreement drawn up for the execution of the works, that the place should not be made malarious by them.

A consideration of fifty -one cases, the author had arrived at the conclusion that the efficacy of the remedy is decided in cutaneous cancroid, but that it 50 is useless when the process has involved the mucous membranes. Smith, system presented a swollen and oedematous throat, left tonsil much enlai'ged and covered with membrane, cervical glands on that side enlargeil, hard and tender, high fever, and marked evidences of diphtheritic toxiemia.

Aldridge of Leicester, secretary of our National Council for Dwellings Reform, explained what has been done in some of our districts how and how far he thought the measures might be applicable elsewhere, and both French and German members discussed his statements. A number of persons examined he found indicated the colors which yeast increased the sense function as their favorite colors, while those which decreased it were unpleasant. In what manner does dilatation of the anus act in such cases? This is a question which T cannot answer; but as the operation is totally exempt from danger, it ought to be added to the list of means which one may employ in the treatment of an affection so often rebellious against treatment as that which price has formed the subject of this lecture. He called attention to the many variations which might occur in the natural course of all diseases, and how readily these could be erroneously ascribed to the administration of drugs: infection. The peculiar character of the organs, tissues, tablet and anatomical elements imparts very different appearances to the affections To those physicians in whose eyes localization constitutes the particular disease, the differences in appearances are so many different diseases, while to those who consider that the disease consists much more in the aggregate of the general phenomena, in their evolution, in their progress (and that, thank heaven! is the direction in which sound observation leads), these affections, differing in appearance, are only multijDlied expressions of the same species of morbid action. I consider her diarrhea for a week preceding the use of the colchicum to have been a natural effort to rid herself of the enormous excess of uric acid: fluconazole. Thej- to last from four to six weeks. Large piers, which diabetes project into our rivers and bays, portions of our public parks and anchored vessels in midstream might well be utilized as sleeping places on hot summer nights. Long - teale supposes it reached on that occa higli thcniioiiii-tnc raiigi- owih nil it- to reportetl to the Sanitary liureau. Agnes Ward, is one of those calculated to leave the diagnosis the in suspense. The author was online led to employ local anesthesia in antrum operations two years ago and had used them since that time.

I'ersistent lowness of sjiecitic side gravity wiis a more important diagnostic syini)tom of organic kidney disea-se than albuminuria. I do know, however, that the mother may conceive a syphilitic infant, at a time when she herself seemed counter exempt from the disease, which had left no traces.

Now, Claude Bernard has proved by his 150 experiments that perfect activity of the digestive function. CONSULTING PHYSICIAN TO for THE NEW YORK HOSPITAL, ETC. He observed that, although physicians had told him in conversation that they had seen remarkable cases of high temperatui'e, as in scarlatina, there were reseptfri but few of such cases to be found on record.


Smith get thought that it was very singular that diseases of the analogous organs in the female were so much more frequent, and he did not know how to account for it. Gibb has met with this accident four times, in children from four to These four cases occurred in the course of an epidemic of hooping-cough, In two of buy Dr.

But this part of the work should not be slighted (oral).

BcLKLEY stated in his address as chairman of the Section on Dermatology, at the Newport meeting, that resorcin and ichthyol costo have not fulfilled the expectations incited by Anno. By the police to "normal" be vaccinated. Once more, gentlemen, let me impress upon you the importance of the fact, that diabetes must be considered both as a disease and as a symptom, just as albuminuria maybe either the consequence of that over kind of nephritis which is called albuminous, or be an epiphenomenon common to many diseases in which there is no lesion of the kidneys.