Although tlie summer season was responsible for the wide-spread mortality from it, it was not easy to ascertain the precise elements to which this was due, since much the same degree of heat prevailed in the rural districts as in cities: made. Street, Philadelphia, desires answers to the following questions for an A.ssociation paper in preparation: Intussusception in consultation; age of patients; cause of intussusception (polyp?); symptoms (tumor, hcg passage of bloody mucus, tenesmus, vomiting, intense pain); treatment, medical with result, mechanical (injection of air, water, massage), result; period elapsing from first symptom to mechanical treatment.


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In the early stages, especially those of soft and hard infiltration, judicious local applications through the endoscope, together with gentle and gradual dilatation by sounds: to. Venereal Diseases in the Thirty-ninth Division (cancer). They laid the patient upon a table, the head lower than the abdomen, and bound him fast: prix. They are, however, injurious to infants, the aged, and to susceptible individuals: is.

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Trouble from iron is always to be expected when there is an excess of organic matter comprar in the material through which the water passes.

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