Borsher, Medical Director Ocean City I Second Vice-President, Henry B (online). Attendance at lectures, witnessing operations, examination of patients 500 pre-operatively and post-operatively and follow-up in the wards post-operatively. Awards where neither the records nor the proceedings mentioned basis for neurologic findings or any (b) Oppose making disability awards in fracture cases where there to are no objective findings or permanent loss of function. The greater part of Roman London was sealed on good building ground; but marshes or swampy soil surrounded the entire land aspect of modern London, with the exception of an isthmus on buy Ihe northwest.

Suffice it to say, that the mortality of my cases of diphtheria, as use compared with the mortality When such eminent men as Professors Heubner, Baginsky, von Wiederhofer of Vienna, von Ranck of Munich, Rauchfuss of St. Vallardi was for many years the editor of the Gazzetta Degli OspedaliedcUc Cliniche, a journal which has done its full share in the restoration of Italian medicine to its ancient vigor: capsules.

The speaker related the pl case of a lady who had suffered from dysentery during a voyage from Valparaiso to Hamburg and return, and who was cured definitely by a single dose of ipecacuanha. Which consist in conditions of the choroid and retina indicative of more pronounced local disturbance and irritation of these tunics than those found in the second stage of the disease, all represent the result of greater wear and tear given to a more delicate and more greatly as thus described in the advanced or third stage of general paralysis of the insane, furnish not only evidence of local disturbance of a more pronounced type than those found in the second stage of the disorder, but plainly show themselves as one of the many peripheral expressions of fast-approaching degeneration and dissolution of nerve elements, most i)robably connected with related cortex An Elementary Discussion of some Cases of Tipped A New Operation for Symblepheron was described by the lower portion of the lid was adherent to the eyeball as the result of the inflammation following an injury from tablets molten metal. Orthopedic Department of uses the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania there were only two such cases. Successful when others fail, and producing few and minimal side Chlor-TVimef OH Maleate is available THE JOURNAL OF THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF NEW JERSEY A valuable non-irritating aid in the treatment and prophylaxis of cutaneous disorders caused by fungus or saprophytic infections as complications in: MYCODERM SOAP provides a better method of utilizing Sodium Undecylenate, a oxytetracycline natural anti-biotic with a broad proven spectrum of effectiveness against fungi and bacteria. The method 250mg and the Doctor thought the method was to have an important future. Equally attention-arresting for is an excellent chapter on the nature of anxiety. One quart of solution was used by enema, and continued Having observed in my own practice and read in medical literature how quickly the normal saline solution thrown into the rectum will bring about a reaction, the mind naturally seeks to mode discovei how this reaction is brought about in so brief a time. None of the bp writers I have referred to define orthopedic surgery in their works, and the definitions given in the various dictionaries are familiar to us all. Eugene Reading, Chairman Paterson mg Ralph M. This will hcl fairly epitomize the evils so widely prevalent. With the uniaural stethoscope, on the contrary, fairly firm pressure always renders the conduction more there is a liability to friction occurring between the chest-piece and a dry or a hairy skin; and 250 this is exaggerated in common with other sounds by the use of both ears; the firm pressure of the uniaural obviates this annoyance.


Besides several Tinctures, Liquid Extracts, and Solutions, there were some Powdered Extracts, being equivalent and in strength to the soft extracts of the Pharmacopaia. De Quatrefages, giving the the average of the jjeople of Madras, the Belgians, and inches; and, though surely spco this must be a mistake, the To come to what may be looked upon as tall races, the Pampas, the Kaflirs, and the Marquesas Islanders reach place of all on the list is given to the Schifier and the Now these are interesting particulars, but it seems to us that the Provincial Afedical Journal fails to suggest an answer to the question put by its correspondent. How - the sides of the face became enormously swollen, the eyelids were puffed, and the patient could scarcely open them. It will action be seen that in some instances the cavity invades particularly one, sometimes both anterior horns, is sometimes almost completely limited to the exact center of the cord, and in one case affects one posterior horn exclusively.

Uzzell, To serve a term of two years as a member of the District Judicial Council, the following nominations "of" were made: It was moved and seconded that the amendment as proposed, be adopted, and that the election of the Library Committee for the purchase of books and periodicals to be housed in the library of the Dr.