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The papular rash, which is plentiful, and has deeply stained areola?, and becomes vesicular very slowly, and in which "mange" the vesicles do not come to the normal size or prominence, but remain small and flat, is decidedly a dangerous eruption.

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In small doses, it is perth tonic, aitemtive, and anthelmintic. One of the chief processes risks of the alkaline fermentation character of the urine of this condition is due to salts of the fixed alkali, and reflects certain vital processes and not merely some auto-fermentative alterations.

The crown is so wadded within, it price rests pleasantly on the entire top of the head, and yet so arranged that it requires skill to balance it. He speaks of the importance of preserving health, and of the dependenceof the mind on the body being so close, that perhaps the only way of making men wiser and better than they are, is to be sought in medical science (cheap).

Whatever weakens or deteriorates any of the functions liquid may prove an exciting cause, so long as there is any predisposing influence in the system.