Pressure upon tbe brachial artery, above the tumor, and arrested tbe pulsation.

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With the fatal cases showing a definitely higher percentage with lymphopenia as shown pigs by a single count, in all probability the fatal cases that showed a lymphocytosis would have shown a lymphopenia as the disease progressed, and the cases that recovered showing a lymphopenia would have shown an increase in lymphocytes. The jlle incrosfation of the wound, too, had become of darker white, approachiog to yellow, and was disposed to separate, and actually detached, in many could be examined, had entirely desquamatecj and passed away, leaving a healthy granulated surface, with some spots of pus. This disposition was believed to exist in infinite variations, and the diverse activities of the tissues were explained as the necessary consequence of such variations: scabies. While he was not one of the great teachers it is very probable that had he risen above the rank of"Instructor" his success in this field would have been much greater, for he had the rare faculty of saying things in in the way to make them remembered. But cases where attention to the septum is needed are much more frequent iqfarma than doctors generally believe.


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