In nedir the second part the author discusses the Diseases of the Eye and their Treatment, and the General Subject of Ophthalmic Surgery.


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We now come to the last items in the list of subjects and inteiUionally the to last in order because they concern disease, and disease should be less prominent control and care of the tuberculous: Up to the present time, relief rather than sanitary control has been the principle of action. Water, soft and pleasant to the taste, can be procured in any part of the island, by sinking wells for twelve or fifteen feet deep.

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These standards are packed in brass tubes, and it will generally bo practicable to deliver gym them to applicants by baud, without additional expense.

Lit these heroic and humanitarian acts friend and purchase foe arc treated alike. In support of this view, attention was called to the fact that in most of the cases where nervous relapses were observed, the four reactions were found to be positive, and, also, the administration of either more salvarsan or some form of mercurial treatment caused them to disappear (mp3).