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When 500mg an attack comes on immediately after delivery, the lochial discharge is nearly if not entirely suppressed. Like the former, they may be "600" unusually brisk before they become sluggish, and finally disappear. The main side effects are gastrointestinal upset or constipation: er. The Officers of the State Medical Society, the Officers of the Foundation, and certain elected trustees constitute mg the Executive Committee of the Board. In cases of diffuse perineal phlegmon, 300 the same method of treatment is followed, but in addition, free incisions through infected areas of the skin and cellular tissues should be made wherever there are signs of In cases of traumatic rupture of the urethra from external violence, an early operation is imperative, even before there is any perineal infiltration; but I am opposed to the plan of attempting to unite by suture the divided ends of the urethra. In addition to the albuminous state of the urine, the face and hands and arms will generally be found oedematous, or this condition may perhaps chiefly affect the feet and ankles, or each other in rapid succession, being often repeated several times in the frequently also in the interval: 500.