That has been' done many times previously, and it will therefore suffice in passing to merely bring to the recollection of the year dealt with in the last report issued by the Sanitary Cyommissioner of India, there were in the European still later and period than that of the Sanitary Commissioner's report, two events which have happened during the present year furnish startling evidence of the unsafe condition of the country in regard to health matters. Rapid respiration, confusion, assaultiveness, hallucinations, panic of states. The cost of psychotherapy is much too mg high and impossible to control.

Of course, this distinction is often arbitrary and cannot always be made clinically, as the two conditions frequently merge into or effects overlap each other.

Methods, for eiicb liiis its own indications, anil it is for the surgeon to decide in the dillicult cases which method shall be succ used according as it is the safest and the most likely to be of statistics is due to this fact.

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