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Contributions must carry full name and address of the "where" writers, which, however, will not be published, if so requested. The writer has recently observed a case of this character on after three days' rest returned to work still slightly lame buy but able to withstand the ordeal of drawing his share of a large truck. If there are several foci, medicinal treatment is all that is possible; but if the gangrene is circumscribed and this treatment is ineffectual, pneumotomy and drainage are ringworm indicated. After the cervico- dorsal injection the analgesia first appears on the front and sides of the neck, and with the patient lying flat on the back, it ascends to the level of baby the hairy scalp; it includes the upper limbs and descends to the level of the xiphoid cartilage. When the air outside is nearly as warm as that indoors, the temperature differences, unless tinea a strong wind is blowing, will provide an altogether insufficient supply of air to remove either body odors or excess heat produced in a crowded room. Brady, babies a popular druggist, who has already demonstrated that he is as capable a man in his new calling' as in his old.

By parallel reasoning it could be pointed out that ear disease is not asserted to be a cause of post-nasal disease, and the separatists were the first to admit that they could not and did not claim that the converse was true as rash regards the post-nasal space, and some of them recognized that their generalization on logical grounds had to be met when their opponents called their attention to this analogous set of conditions.

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