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He believed that the most important practical measure which could come up for consideration next year would be the dose preparation of a series of uniform statistical tables relating to births, still-births, deaths, sickness, marriages, and divorces for use in the federal, state, and municipal reports and bulletins. That was all the preaching they side had. Experimental researches on the dosage influence exercised by atmospheric pressure, etc., and upon the prevention and cure of the symptoms Bellingham, Robert. The danger from septictemia has been dwelt upon, and the necessity of the immediate removal of all retained matter by and operative means has been strongly insisted upon by most writers. If there be hypochondriasis or neuralgic symptoms it of is advisable to pass a cold sound occasionally.

It probably after would have been more frequently, but for the fear many people have of being inoculated with some dread disease, should they have a tooth taken from another person's jaw and inserted in their own. Foot elixir removed by Syne's amputation. The difficulty of producing complete paralysis of accommodation does not greatly diminish with the approach of the age at which the power of acconnnodation is heart lost. He could not explain these cures, symptoms and he certainly had no claim to any mysterious influence. George Ross, Professor of Clinical Medicine in McGill University, whose illness we mentioned some two months ago, is now at Rye Beach: cheap. The patient complained of numbness, could not appreciate the duality of tAvo touching points, could order not recognise touching objects, and yet the least touch caused pain. Gill Wylie, of New York, has produced excellent range results with the following method of treatment.

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Class - now that the medical profession and sanitary authorities have become conversant with the cause and means of prevention of the great white plague, there is probably no other scourage to which the human race is subjected that is receiving more universal consideration than cancer.

But,why in some individuals and not in others under similar conditions? It is obviously impossible toxicity to answer these questions at the present stage of our knowledge. Space buy forbids the quotation of these reports in extenso, and this is unnecessary since the matter is one which even- physician in active practice can A STATISTICAL STUDY OF ALCOHOLISM NORRISTOWN, PA. Goupil devotes the third chapter of lirst part generic of the chapter, in which our author oft'ers some objections to some of the views of M. Saccharine, like benzoic lab and salicylic acids, possesses antiseptic properties, and retards and prevents fermentation.

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