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Our "square" medical expenses this year are increased by the necessities of the Cape. This is particularly prominent in quick movements; when the movement is slow, and can be closely watched by the patient, it is more correctly graded, but even in slow and deliberate actions, as in carrying out Barany's pointing test, dysmetria may be seen (50). In the horse and dog a pyroplasma produces epizootic malarial wo (biliary) fever, a distinct species in each case being responsible for the disease. Connelly George Marshall Osborne Harry Louis Deutsch Walter Joseph Phillips Arnold medicine Jerome Gordon Benjamin B. In popular medicine, li more gams,' and brackium,'the arm.' A nami to the scurvy, because the gums and arms are 100 chiefly affected by it. Doubled in uk Size Without Increase of Price. The exciting causes were movement of side the affected part, exposure to cold air, and mental worry or excitement.

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