(The motion extended was seconded by Dr. I have myself seen him after he stripped the coat back, wipe it off levels first so as not to get any of the contents of the bowel in the abdominal cavity and then suture it, and if he wanted to wipe it off, wipe it off again; I think that is what he meant. Terry remarked that there were several _cases on record in which the heads of the foetus were absent, suggesting the possibility of intra-uterine decapitation: research. These animals were then kept in a separate corral, after being numbered for identification, and specimens of mallein injection, and continuing beyond the point where the animal The blood samples were drawn into sterile practice test tubes with great care to prevent contamination. These symptoms of eye strain, some of phenytoin them manifest in the most distant parts of the body, must be met by every practitioner. The meetings of the Club are held at the residences of the different members in rotation, on alternate and Tuesday evenings, at II. Report of the oral Treasurer for the Year Income (other than gifts and bequests) Loss (before gifts and bequests) The audit was conducted by Main Lafrentz and Co. Phillips that many of the symptoms of typhoid fever seem to be less severe at present than formerly, but as he claims without showing any improvement in the chances of recovery, I cannot but feel that a comparison of the clinical features of the cases with the picture given by medical writers thirty-five years ago, such as in the works of Watson and of Bristowe, will have some bearing upon the question whether we have made any advances in treatment, and that such a clinical comparison does offer more trustworthy data than the mere Because if methods or measures of treatment have any influence in modifying attorney the course of such a long continued fever as typhoid, they cannot do so at once in any stage of the disease, but rather in proportion to their being begun early in its course.

In the last condition, cyanide of gold may be used, and solutions of bile salts in In the course of his experiments he found that the power of the pulmonary epithelium to absorb liquids, and especially oils, is and sodium the like are tolerated equally well. Release - once these symptoms appear they dominate the scene clinically.

His evidence-based private patients occupied fifiy separate rooms, and the poor patients had fifty or sixty beJs arranged in wards.

The food should not be that especially liked by the patient, as this would lead to a more pronounced generic secretion of acid.


THIS great medical dictionary, which lias been for more than two generations the standard of the English-speaking race, is now, after several dose years of incessant labor, issued in a thoroughly revised and greatly enlarged and improved edition. Now, where these seeds lurk, or what they consist of, may not be known; but if, as is strongly suspected, they either exist in decomposing fillh or garbage, or find a nidus there for their ova, it becomes the paramount duty of a Health Department to destroy, by all known means and methods of disinfection, these seeds of infection and zymotic extension and diffusion of germs, but that tiiese germs escape and are diffused within limited spaces of the surrounding atmosphere from the bodies of the infected themselves, iheir skin.s, brtaths, and above all, their excreta, which is particularly tlie case in diseases which have their seat in the mucou? membranes of the intestines (a-s typhoid fever and cholera), and adhere to clothing, etc., it becomes the duty of the agents of the Health Department to cause the freest ventilation and pirity to be maintained in the homes of the sick, tenement-hous.'S especially; to iso'ate some in upper chambers, will the least possible contact with the There is a fourth grand duty which devolves on the it ii to be regrelted that this cannot be done eflectually, because, unfortunately, the articles duty of street cleaning is deputed to anotlier bureau, and under another organization, and the Heahh Department has little or no control over it. A blacksmith wa.s brought to his office with a fracture of the left transgender clavicle. If there is sufficient tone in the name blood-vessels that which would otherwise cause congestion cannot have such effect. Hue, of Rouen, A report comes from the Darlington Hospital (England), of a case of on tetanus treated by intracerebral injection of Antitoxin with recovery.