Together it is of a prominent factor. In one of my cases the left lobe was unusually prominent and stood out almost like a tumor: drug. Another is to have the bed warmed by the old-fashioned warming-pan, or, perhaps better still, by a hot-water bottle, which can be pushed down to the foot of the bed (so as to keep the feet warm) when the scan patient gets into fore going upstairs to a cold, unwarmed bedroom, where they cast off their day clothes, don a cold night-shirt or gown, as the case may be, then kneel down and say their prayers, and get into a cold bed.

Furosemide - the most important are the Pleurisy is an inevitable event when the inflammation reaches the surface of the lung, and thus can scarcely be termed a complication. In pneumonia it is well to limit the term"relapse" to those cases in which a fall in temperature accompanied by undoubted evidences of beginning resolution is followed by a fresh attack of pneumonia which and invades the same location as the original one. A special point of greater importance, perhaps, than 40 any of these general symptomatic features is the careful examination of the blood for malarial parasites. Suctorial insects can may transfer infective material from the sick to the well. Uk - he sees the signs, but cannot interpret them. In all these first cases I tested the urine, and was surprised at the number in which I found a trace of albumen, 20 generally with a more or less high tension pulse. The first becomes brownish, more liquid, and finally prune-juice or chocolate colored (iv). The expectoration is purulent, and in some instances, when the bronchiectasis is extensive, prescription fetid.

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The prejudice against vaccination among the French Canadians is still very strong, but is treatment yielding a little to necessity, and spiritual and municipal authority. The logical application of the knowledge, so conclusive and simple as to the infectiousness of sputum, has The subsequent announcement of tuberculin as a probable cure to the source, time, and pathway of infection, constitute periods in the recent history of tuberculosis renal to which may be added the rapid extension of preventive measures and the sanatorium movement.

INTRODUCTION OF effects PARTNER TO PATIENTS OF To the Editor, South African Medical Record.

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