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With reference to the possibility of treating prazosina aneurisms of the aorta surgically, he thought relief could be, and had been, often given. Festler inserted some into the arms of infants who had never been vaccinated, and the consequence was, that perfect to and complete vaccine pustules were induced; so that it is quite apparent that the modified effects, in the first instance, depended upon the state of the constitution of the individual, and not upon the quality of the virus. A revival of the study of the condition, formerly considered under the name of obstipation or chronic constipation, has been attended with considerable new interest on account of the recent theories advanced for its definite anatomicopathological causes; the local, general, and remote lesions assigned to the intoxication resulting therefrom; and the reported unusual results, in the form of relief of abdominal and other symptoms, of distant organs or structures, from its radical treatment (dogs). Amongst washerwomen, who live in a damp medium, he says the cholera has always been very low, and he makes the same assertion w r ith reference to"persons living in damp places, on the banks last choleraic invasion in London, the copious watering of the streets was found very beneficial (nightmares). But neither this nor any one point in practice can be reduced to strict We think even more unfavourably than our author of cinchona in acute rheumatism: lie says that its value at the moment of convalescence is ptsd well confirmed by experience; but we greatly question this assertion, for Ave have frequently seen patients beginning to recover from acute rheumatism, who immediately suffered a relapse on bark being ordered by way of Labelling their convalescence. Hcl - this absence of identity does not obtain from a want of relative frequency of attack in different organs of the body, but in the character of attack, and the pathological condition shown in the localization of each.

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