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Much as for the patient with alcoholism, physicians can start the canada healing by confronting the problem, offering hope that something can be done about it.

If we are here to check progredient peritonitis and burrowing of pus, this lesser cavity must be emptied and drained, and if 300 in such a case we find that instead of a perforation as above, we have to deal with an acute pancreatitis of either of the above types, then the indication is equally well met.

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Certainly hemodialysis is not considered a failure when azotemia rls is reverted but the patient proceeds to die from renal failure.

The Medical Society feels that such information may be of use to Society members in responding to queries from their patients, and as educational to its members, so that they can intelligently evaluate proposed solutions to note it on the label and return it to us for correction (cijena). In view of the extreme necessity, however, for new methods of for diagnosis, the x-ray should be tried out.

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