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It is just this dass of for cases which shows what high time it is that a greater number of physicians should pay more attention to the laryngoscope, so as not to leave this very important art, so essential for the diagnosis of disease of the laiynx, and which is not so very difficult to learn, in the hands of a few specialists. This establishment, founded by private subscriptions, is very well conceived, can receive about sixty workmed, and is furnished with electric side lights and sterilizers of the latest pattern. It would seem cough as thoug-h air-vesicles, which do not become filled with air immediately which are not induced to cry, and thereby caused to make deep inspirations during the first hours of their life, very commonly suffer from atelectasia In other instances a catarrh, either congenital or contracted in the first hours of life, seems to have given rise to atelectasis by contracting or occluding some of the bronchi, and thus impeding the supply of air to the vesicles to which they lead. Even in old cases of hypertrophy we should try the effect of these remedies. Nevertheless, it seems likely that it is specific and represents a result of the reaction between the invading micro-organism and the attacked organism (سعر). This view has been accepted by legal minds, as being just, and eminently conservative wikipedia of social and proprietary rights.

Neither does the tab commencement of the disease often admit of detection, nor can its progress often be foQowed up, nor, to say the truth, can we well fix the x)oint where endocarditis ceases, and that malady begins which we call valvular disease.

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