Skimming is a method of plastering usually done on plasterboard, artex or old and damaged plaster. It has a smooth finish and is suitable for painting or wallpaper once dry. Very often when people start to decorate an older property, they usually find the old plaster, cracked or damaged and not suitable for painting and decorating. The solution would be to re-skim the walls, but only after the walls have been properly prepared and treated.


Rendering is sand and cement plastering generally done outside either to protect the building from penetrative damp, cosmetic purposes or both. There are different types of rendering finishes, with the most popular forms being a smooth finish or pebble dash.

Pebble Dashing

we offer a wide range of colours and textures for our pebble dashing. This means we can meet the needs of our customers making sure we complete the job with the best possible colour and texture match to meet your exacting needs. We are always willing to offer honest, friendly advice to help you choose the best possible pebble dashing for you.

Everything else

For any other type of plastering you require we would be happy to help, so why wait? pick up the phone and have walls smoother than your flat screen tv in no time!