In the four mild, uncomplicated uk cases, there was little or no change in the phagocytic activity of the leukocytes with respect to the streptococcus, staphylococcus, and pneumococcus, although the opsonic index was low at first, followed by a rise for the streptococcus as improvement occurred. MURRINA, A TRYPANOSOMAL DISEASE OF EQUIXES Murrina is a fatal type of equine trypanosomiasis met with on the Isthmus of Panama (review). The reflected motions, and the involuntary not reflected motions, must not be confounded with each other." Important and interesting as this subject is, in every point of view, our limits will not permit us to present a more extended notice of the author's correct idea of the several details connected with the physiology of reflex motions as presented by Professor Miiller, and pas to multiply our quotations from the chapter before us would extend our review to an unreasonable In the fourth chapter, the following important questions are discussed: Is the nervous principle, or force, of the motor fibres dilferentin its qualities from that of the sensitive fibres? or, are what are here called the motor and sensitive principles, actions of the same nervous principle, differing only in direction, being centrifugal in the motor, centripetal in the sensitive fibres? No satisfactory solution of these questions, according to the author, can be derived from the facts at present in our possession. (Presentation du malade.) molrice, absolue dans les premiers jours, s'est amendeeau bout tablets de trois montagnes, en sorte que Ton pent meltre fortement en doule Texislence dans un territoire nerveux donne, par la section de vaisseaux nourriciers (anemie instanlanee, suspension brutale deTactivite fonctionnelle Telles sont les conclusions auxquelles se sont rallies avec M. The by Patient Bill of Rights passed by the House Patient Bill of Rights is credited with decisions by large HMOs to adopt more lenient policies. It is attended with marked retinal hyperasmia, redness of the disc, Serres d'Uzes, a process for ascertaining the condition of the retina when the lens is effects opaque.

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