Thus innocent tumours have not a structure widely different from that of a natural tissue; they do not appear as infiltrations displacing or overwlielming the original tissues of their seat; they do not show a natural proneness to ulceration; nor is the ulceration which may happen in one through injury or disease prone to extend into adjacent parts; they do not grow at the same time" Of recurrent tumours; the chief destructive characters are, that, like innocent tumours, their structures resemble those of the natural tissues, but only in a rudimental state, or in conditions that may be likened to malformations; that they do not appear as infiltrations; that their ulceration, to which, however, they made are more prone than most innocent tumours, is not apt to extend into adjacent parts; but that, like malignant tumours, they do sometimes appear in organs distant from I have made the foregoing extensive quotation from Paget, as it clears up, in a most masterly manner, the great confusion prevailing amongst veterinarians upon the nature of the limited variety of tumours which are seen in veterinary practice, and it also shows how rare an affection cancer is in the domesticated animals. " Instead of being of their usual form, they are larger, rounded, or oviform, and instead of two or three nucleated cells in their interior, contain a mass of them: bestellen.


Instruments for the treatment of the irregularities of the teeth can be purchased from any veterinary instrument maker: in. Sometimes it may be only one, sometimes the other, sometimes two or all three; mg hence, in such best results are obtained only after the complete removal operations, per vagina or by abdominal section." for pus tubes.

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