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Daniels' Texas Journal to the Texas micromax Medical Journal.

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For instance:"Big Nose;""Big Feet;""Small pille Waist," etc. In softening of the stomach, the careful adaptation price of the food and use of antiseptics is recommended. India - in the early days of the present cholera outbreak the disease appeared in Bilibid Prison; that the physician in charge of that institution, aided by two other physicians assigned from the Bureau of Health, and by another especially employed to meet the emergency, made vigorous efforts to check the disease, but without success, they being compelled to work under the general control of the warden, a faithful and efficient officer, but who was without scientific experience in dealing with epidemics; that on September I he suggested to the Secretary of Commerce and Police the desirability of outtin.g the Director of Health in direct control of the sanitary matters in Bilibid, which was done; charge; that this striking result led him to recommend to the Philippine Commission that the Director of I-tealth be placed in permanent control of the sanitary matters of Bilibid, where conditions were' far from satisfactory, the that he knew of no more effective demonstration of the value of the application of modern scientific methods in combating disease than the ones just mentioned. Ashby's case was very pink interesting. It has scarcely needed the demonstration of Godlewski,' of Heidenhain,' "mg" of convince us that the growth of matter in the bulk of the chromosome is derived from without.

The dedication of this monument on the fourteenth day annals of the medical profession of Kentucky (buy).

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