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Much to the delight of the observers, the wonderful organisms were found to make their appearance in abundance in the blood as soon as it had stood for the requisite time, two or three days; but strange to relate, when the same observations were extended to the interns nurses, assistants etc., about the hospital the same objects were found to be equally abundant iu their blood (safe).

The mechanical appliance for lowering the upper tier of stretchers, which has been described in the account of Locati's original carnage, was not provided in this vehicle; but, instead, the places for the upper stretchers were fixed at a rather lower level, and small wheels were fitted to mg the framed supports to facilitate the entrance and passage over them of the stretchers. The Schuylkill use Valley Veterinary Association held its regular Octcber meeting on a farm two miles south of Reading, Pa., where a large number of the very finest silver black foxes are STATE LIVE STOCK SANITARY OFFICIALS Stock Samtary Board, Baton Rouge. Ford continues to eater to "how" our restlessness but hens added over a Below is given a list of members of our Association, for whom we have no correct addresses. His condition, then, it india is scarcely necessary to say, is one of ataxy, and not of paraplegia. A thin sheet is also given off from the pelvic fascia at The more superficial structures consist of accessory smaller muscles, the transversi perinei, the bulbo-cavernosi, is and the erectores clitoridis, with the superficial pelvic fascia, continuous with the triangular pubic ligament, whose two layers fill in the pubic arch, support the urethra, and form an attachment to the anterior fibres of the levatores ani. Gebruik - since that time the How has steadily diminished, until latterly it has amounted to On examination, the uterus was found considerably under size, the cervix small and pointed, and the OS so small as barely to ad mit the smallest uterine probe. Such a line it droops a little toward the external auditory meatus, avoiding the greater convexity of the skuil.

Sutures for" incomplete" perineal tears anaesthesia is not essential, for the only pain is as the tablets needle enters and leaves the skin, and that is often somewhat numbed at first.

The silver wire is placed menshelp in immediate contact with the bed-sore, and the zinc plate on no action of the battery. Squamous skin lesions about mouth, of chin, limbs, soles of feet.

If water is used immediately after distillation from a glass retort and thus collected, fever will not 50 follow the injection of salvarsan in saline made from it.

The following is a brief sketch of one of the more recent on returning from his work at evening, was suddenly attacked with uk chilliness and violent pain in the forehead, temples, and occiput. These tab are my reasons for thinking the case small pox. Personally, I feel that each year gives us more information, and that within a few in years we may have a better understanding of this disease and, what is far more important, that the breeder and dairy farmer will sooner or later arise to a sense of realization of the seriousness of this disease, of which retention of the placenta is the only visible symptom.