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Beside all these, and the periodical pains before mentioned, the stomach and intestines are liable to uneasiness and pain, arising from a constitutional weakness and languidness in performing their functions of digestion, assimilation, and expulsion; or from an accidental one owing to the improper quantity, or quality in of the food, to the injudicious healing of cutaneous ails, or to disorders of the head, or limbs, which by some hitherto undisco vered power are transferable, as experience teaches us, into the bowels, and from them back again to their former seat. These active processes occurring in the gland when it is excited to secrete are associated with changes in electric reaction and in the volume of the gland (50). Hemolysis may not be clinically evident in many patients if the "price" destruction rate is only moderately increased. The terms were considered as of the same review import till of late, when they have been applied to different meanings and differently limited.

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