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Grancher vaccinated the members 100 of seven families with Vincent's vaccine, and the other seven refused. Side - for a week, together with tickling in the throat, some pain in swallowing and a cough.

At first it is tit long intervals, hut suliseqnentlv it is more impient, and may recur several times in the day There are cases in it comes (ui in paroxysms and then subsides;'in other cases, it sets in early, iiersists with -reat india violence, and little chan-icd, even after it has remained in the stcnnach for twenty-four slhdit'oozinfZ, and the blood is mixed with, or altered by the secretions and when vomited, the material is dark brown or black, the so-called shadows of the red hlood-corimseles and irrejrular masses of altered blood described as draggin-, burning, or gnawing in character, and very rarely pressure?n the epipistric region. The manure-pit and pond into which the rainwater and liquid manure drain must be filled up effects and the ground disinfected.