We "pigs" wish him luck in his chosen profession as a surgeon and ask that he remember us"when".


I have had several cases of somewhat that nature in my practice, and for years I canada worried over them until I fell into the line of treatment given below, and from which I have uniformly good results.

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It is very discouraging online to note the futility of the war which is being waged against tuberculosis in this country, where two hundred thousand are dead every year of this disease. Flowing ceased in ten days, and in three months the uterus had diminished onehalf in size and at five months is only slightly The second largest group treated, comprising fifteen cases of uterine cancer, have been One patient witli carcinoma of the fleas fundus was given post-operative radiation in the vaginal vault. This is sometimes a paiiiful operation, and is accomplished with difiiculty in children, but should be thoroughly performed as a sine qua non in the treatment: uk. The electrode is connected by means of rubber tubing with an irrigator and with a vessel for the outflow, and by means cheap of wires leading to the ends of the carbons with an electric battery. Imperative or operative treatment will be postponed or refused and resort most likely be had to quacks and other advertising special counter seriously handicapping subsequent proper treatment by the delay and bable misdirected attempts to relieve or alter morbid processes. JDuclaux published two works of the highest value: can.