In this vast country, where surgeons are untrammeled by old and worthless traditions, where Continental propinquity does not arouse feelings of national jealousy, where a liberal, unprejudiced, and receptive condition of mind enables us to accept every good from every source, where unequaled laboratory adTantages with rich abundance of material are with offered, where earnest and enthusiastic investigators are fast coming to the front, we would predict a great and glorious future for American surgery. Spirit of fa'-armoniac, made with lime, was alfo congealed hereby whereupon it fliot into branches, almoft like thofe of fal-armoniac, or acne the like undiftill'd falts dilfolv'd.

The herb fried with eggs, helps to digest and carry downwards teeth those bad humours that troul)le the stomach.

Side effects: Oehydrocholic acid may cause transitory "dose" diarrhea; beliadonna may cause blurred vision and dry mouth.


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